Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources to help you when brainstorming:

An overview of greenhouse gases

If you need to understand the science of greenhouse gases a little better, here’s an introduction.

Some ideas for reducing carbon footprint.

This video has some ideas for reducing your carbon footprint. Keep in mind that some of these actions may not match the current reality of your community and might be difficult to implement. This is good to think about when you are discussing challenges in your essay.

Concord, MA–An example of community ideas to reduce carbon footprint

Here is an example of one city setting goals to reduce its carbon footprint long term. As you think about the question of a larger group/community reducing its footprint, there may be some helpful ideas–but again, some challenges–in this video.

Other links

These are some more example articles about reducing carbon footprint. Remember to think about the opportunities AND the challenges they might present in your particular community.